At Capital Stair Services, we know how important it is to keep your tenement and communal space Clean, Safe and Maintained. After 20 years of servicing Edinburgh’s tenements we have developed a customer trust relationship that no other such company in Edinburgh can boast. We service anywhere from small 4 flat tenement buildings to 150 Apartment complexes.

Taking care of your tenement usually starts with a Deep Clean. This can be tailored to your needs but will consist minimally of thorough hoovering/sweeping, floor scrubbing/washing, dusting of all surfaces with optional added services such as window cleaning, railing dust/dirt removal, floor steam cleaning, pressure washing and more. Once a deep clean has been done you have the option of continuing our cleaning service on a regular weekly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly cleaning rota to maintain the cleanliness of your building.

As part of our services we also take care of communal lighting anywhere from lightbulb replacement or a complete communal lighting upgrade. If you hold a cleaning contract with us we will change up to 10 bulbs for free*.

Sharing the cost? We know that getting the agreement with your neighbours can be hard and time consuming, we at Capital Stair Services can help you. We have provided information about the Tenement Management Scheme (TMS) and tools you can use in getting agreement from neighbours. We have also developed a virtual tenement page for all our customers that anyone can sign up to. This is a platform you may use to engage with your neighbours on various things that concern your tenement building such as cleaning or maintenance.

*This offer will end 1 April 2021. Call-out fees on any second visit will apply.